Dozen Bagged Combo 20
(includes two 8oz spreads!)
Bakers Dozen 16
Half Dozen 9
Loose Bagel 2.5
Toast it and add a spread +2
"like it" 2oz spread" "love it" 4oz spread


8 oz tub 4
4 oz tub 2
Maple Whisky Cream Cheese
Vanilla Walnut Cream Cheese
Chocolate Peanut Butter CC
Strawberry Cream Cheese
Oreo Cream Cheese
Nutella Cream Cheese
Bacon & Scallion CC
Honey Habanero CC
Cheddar Jalapeno CC
Italian Herb CC
Everything Else
Veggie Cream Cheese
Plain Cream Cheese
Vegan CC +$1

CYO Egg, Meat & Cheese 6

Pick your bagel option or
sourdough toast!
Choice of meat:
Bacon Porkroll
Sausage Ham
Choice of Cheese:
Additional Toppings:
Roasted Poblanos2
Roasted Jalapenos2
Double Meat3
Double Egg2
Double Cheese1.5
Alfalfa Sprouts2
L / T / O .50
Cream Cheese 1.5

Bagel Sandwiches

Jersey Hangover11
cream cheese, jersey tomato,
porkroll & a fried egg
cream cheese, smoked lox,
tomato, red onion, dill
Banana + Nutella8
nutella cream cheese, fresh
sliced banana
Vegan Love13
vegan cc, sliced cucumber
avo smash, alpha sprouts
Honey Ham9
honey habanero cream cheese,
sliced ham, add egg +2$
Avocado BLT9.5
thick cut bacon, lettuce,
tomato, avocado
Tuna Salad9.5
all white tuna, lettuce,
onion, tomato
Deviled Egg Salad9.5
homemade deviled egg salad,
lettuce, tomato
spinach, tomato, mozarella,
pesto, basil, balsamic


on all natural sourdough
Plain Jane8
avocado smash, chili flakes
Caprese Meets Avo9.5
avocado smash, mozzarella,
diced tomato, basil, balsamic
Everything Always9.5
avocado smash, cream cheese,
avocado smash, everything seeds
Bacon & the Goat12
avocado smash, goat cheese,
bacon crumbles, chives
Jalapeno + Pico10
avocado smash, cheddar jalapeno
cream cheese, spicy pico
Smoked Salmon Toast13
sourdough, avocado smash,
smoked lox, red onion,
salt + pepper

Grilled Cheese

on all natural sourdough
Crabbed Out13
lump crab, old bay, with
melted gruyere & cheddarr
The Basic7
simple combo of american
& fresh mozzarella cheese
Mr Pepperjack8
thinly sliced ham, topped
with pepperjack cheese
No Words9
smoked bacon, caramelized
onions, American cheese
Fig & Goat10
fig jam, caramelized onions,
goat cheese
tomato, mozzarella,
basil, pesto, balsamic


12 oz 16 oz
Drip Coffee3 2.5
16 oz 24 oz
Cold Brew4.5 4
16 oz 24 oz
Nitro Coffee5.5 4.5
16 oz 24 oz
Iced Red Eye5.5 4.5

Espresso & Specialty

Espresso 2.5
Americano* 3.5
Cappuccino 3.5
12 oz 16 oz
Latte* 4.5 4
12 oz 16 oz
Vanilla Latte* 5 4.5
12 oz 16 oz
Mocha* 5 4.5
12 oz 16 oz
CBD Latte* 6.5 5.5
Chai* 16 oz 12 oz Hot
4.5 5.5
24 oz 16 oz Cold
4.5 5.5
Dirty Chai* 16 oz 12 oz Hot
5 6
24 oz 16 oz Cold
5 6
Matcha 16 oz 12 oz Hot
4.5 5.5
24 oz 16 oz Cold
4.5 5.5
Lemonade: Plain & Daily Offering
Milk & non-dairy options

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